FFT 2017

Food for Thought – our signature community event and fundraiser!

Our fourth annual FFT is in the evening on Wednesday, May 31st, at the school.  It’s a unique opportunity for attendees to have lively dinner discussions with engaging people in the community, from the arts, business, government, NGOs, and more.  We’ve posted their biographies with pictures. There’s a social mixer in advance and a silent auction with a panoply of items donated by many businesses and individuals.  Our flier gives you a feel for the event, along with highlights from recent years’ events.

You and your friends can purchase tickets, $50 per person, in advance or at the door, which opens (nominally! People come early) at 6 PM.  As you purchase your ticket or as you sign in, you choose which discussion leader’s table at which you like to dine. [Please note that tables seat up to 10 people, the discussion leader and 9 guests.  We will work at providing timely notice of any tables that have filled up.] You and our event workers (LCA parents and friends) mingle for about half an hour, with complimentary coffee, tea, water, and sangria.  Near 6:30, you sit at the table with your chosen person.  Each circular table seats up to 10 people, a good size and geometry for easy conversation.  Several tables at a time go through our buffet of tasty food.  Back at the table, we’re serving water, red and white wine, coffee, and tea.  Then it’s your go, until the discussions wind down as you choose (a bit after 8, when our great workers begin cleanup).  During the discussions, feel free to hop back to the silent auction area to place bids or new bids.  Around 7:30, we’ll be around to announce the winning bids.

Tickets can be purchased with cash or check in advance from our LCA families, should you know someone, at the school in the daytime, or with a credit card using the form below.  At the door, all three options are available.  Several of our workers will have Square readers for credit cards.  You can use the same three options for silent auction items.

We thank, as we do every year, the businesses who donate the food, the businesses and individuals who donate silent auction items, the work put in by our volunteers, at the event and for weeks in advance, and, most importantly, you, for being there.  It is a rewarding evening for all.

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