World culture classes

2 February 2018. We had a teacher out with a bad cold.  We took the opportunity to fill in her usual class time with three segments on world culture.  Drawing on travels on six continents over 50 years with Lou Ellen and their son, David, Vince held three discussions with students with many images and movies.  In period 1, the students in grades 3-5 engaged with Vince to explore Costa Rica for its landscape, cities, cultures, language, foods, and history.  In period 2, the students in grades 3-8 explored Indonesia, particularly Sulawesi and Bali, delving into the unique political and religious history, its fauna and flora (on land and in the sea), its languages, and its very engaging people.  Period 3 had regular classes by other teachers.  In period 4, the students in grades 1 & 2 were in lively discussion and vicarious experiences of Jordan – its peaceful nature, rich history, the stunning city of Petra, the underwater life at Aqaba, the Bedouin life at Wadi Rum.

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