Stellar results on Chinese test

10 July 2019

This May, seven of our students in grades 2-7 took the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) exam, a test of proficiency in the Mandarin Chinese language including both reading and listening comprehension components.

Their performance was stellar:

  • 100% of students received perfect marks on one or both parts
  • the average score for all students across both parts is 96%
  • passing is 60% – the exam is given in China to non-native speaking high school students. Our students are also non-native speakers- though it’s becoming hard to tell, and they are considerably younger than high school age!

Congratulations to Adaugo, Anish, Cailin, Erika, Kaleb, and Morgan for their performance on HSK 1, to Janaki on HSK 2, and to Yulin Zhang, our teacher!

The image to the left shows Yulin with even more of our students.