Space festival 2018

Space festival, 14 April 2018, on the Plaza de Las Cruces, 3-7 PM: we had a booth to share scientific ideas and, of course, give visitors a look at what our school does. Vince had his FLIR One camera on his Android phone, taking images in thermal infrared radiation that everything gives off – just as Landsat and other satellites image from space. Here are several images: the people from Jacobs Technology in the adjacent booth, with the very cold sky behind them; a 3-D printer from Creative Impulse making a shuttle model; and two young visitors, intrigued with our otherwise obscure spatial patterns of warmth.   Vince also did 4 hours of radio shows, some of them with Nan Rubin and John  Nelson, during space week (9-14 April), on KTAL LP FM, 101.5.  He’s on every Tuesday, 12-1; the program is streamed live on