Fall Festivities – see what we’ve been up to!

23 October | Science demo

Students learned how to use a partial vacuum to suck a hard-boiled egg through an opening a bit narrower than its diameter.  We put a bit of water into a vase, heated the vase + water in a microwave oven, and put the egg on top of the vase opening.  The vapor cooled and condensed, leaving low pressure in the vase, so that higher air pressure outside pushed the egg in.




29 October | Art class

Students in grades 3-8 made armatures and then covered them with art paste, thanks to volunteer teacher Karen Feder!




October 31 | Halloween Party

Older students spent two weeks planning a Halloween party for all to enjoy – see more photos here.



1 November | Field trip

We took a trip to the Dia de Los Muertos celebration on the Mesilla Plaza.  Residents of Mesilla honor their deceased friends and relatives on the Day of the Dead,

celebrating their lives. Here’s a few pictures from last year – keep an eye out for this years photos coming soon!