Rocketry fun after the school year ended

27 May 2019. Alden just finished kindergarten with us.  In the process he picked up a fascination with rockets, to add to his fascination with learning in general.  A week or so before the school year ended, he and four other students went to the field adjoining the school with science teacher Vince Gutschick to launch a model rocket, after he provided them with some good background on physics and safety.  Another launch, please!  Well, it got windy for many days.  On the 27th Vince met Alden, his brother, and his parents at the school.  We prepped a model rocket, Alden doing the engine insertion and wadding stuffing.  We took it to the field, [unitegallery rocketry_27may19] and, with all due precautions, he launched it[unitegallery rocket_flight_27may19].  It was a rewarding flight.  Next, we four went into the school, where Alden took to the whiteboard to diagram the black-powder model rocket engine and explain how it worked.  Quite a fine way to spend an hour!