Recognition for our teaching of Chinese

2 March 2019: The Las Cruces Academy is delighted to announce that we have received confirmation that our request for status as a Confucius Classroom, a special part of the Confucius Institute, has been granted. This honor is due to the excellent education in Mandarin Chinese that our students have received from wonderful teachers for 10 years. We are very proud that many of our elementary and middle-school students have taken the official high school level Chinese exam of Chinese as a second language, the HSK, and scored in the mid-90s percentile. Our new status will help us improve the instruction in this language of the increasingly important country, China, and will open new opportunities for enrichment for our students, with supplies of books and cultural artifacts as well as options for summer camps and perhaps even trips to China.

We have a dynamic classroom and many outreach events.  A video of the closing act of our 2017 Chinese culture night is interesting.

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