Our students show their proficiency in Chinese

Results of the official HSK exams from the Chinese government: out students score very high.

From our very beginning in August, 2009, we’ve been teaching our students Mandarin Chinese daily, now covering three levels.  Our students learn to read, write, and speak Mandarin, the language spoken by the greatest number of people in the world, and a language growing increasingly important in commerce and international relations.  Mei Dai taught our students for these 8 years, with a strong curriculum and fun, such as the dances and songs they learned.

In May, seven of our students took the official Chinese government test, the HSK.  Six took the HSK level I test, all passing with high grades averaging 95% – Samantha Brasher, Elsa Meenach, Dahlia Reinhold, Frankie Holguin, Kira Durrett, and Xitlali Gonzalez.  Four took the HSK II test (also), averaging 91% – Arabella Camunez, Samantha Brasher, Elsa Meenach, and Dahlia Reinhold.  The results come in official sealed envelopes; here’s one, anonymized. We’re very proud of our students and of Mei.   While Mei has moved to Phoenix, we have a strong new teacher, Yulin Zhang, whom we will profile shortly.  We’ll have pictures of the students soon, when classes reconvene.