One of our fine STEM students

Arabella Camunez has been in the LCA since 1st grade, starting in August, 2010.  Last academic year, 2016-17, she completed 7th grade in our middle-school program, and along the way, she participated strongly in a 3-year student project creating a computer-controlled, student-built periodic table of the chemical elements.  She’s always been deeply interested in science.  Her interest carried into this summer, in which she engaged in 5 STEM activities, a theatre production, and a water sports camp.  Here is a summary:

5-8 June, Challenger Space Camp, provided by the Las Cruces Public Schools and founded by our valued friend, Dr. Steve Sanchez, former assistant superintendent for instruction.

5 June, tour of the Virgin Galactic facilities at Spaceport America – part of the Challenger Space Camp.

18-24 June, Tech Trek, a selective national program at New Mexico Tech University – the NM Tech STEM for Girls Program.

26-30 June, Missoula, a Childrens’ Theatre at the Rio Grande Theater here in Las Cruces.  She played a talking palm tree.  Arabella has written, directed, and performed plays in the LCA.

10-21 July, Drone Camp at NMSU, supported by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Coming up 13-18 August, Alabama Space Camp at NASA’s Huntsville facility.  She earned a scholarship, supported by Drs. Kay and Gutschick of the LCA.

Her mother, Andrea, says there’s no need to push Arabella into STEM activities – she’s engaged and motivated.

She’s good at archery, too.

Our teachers at the LCA anticipate another fine year with her and with our other students, with our strengths in STEM as well as in languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese) and a full curriculum covering many other subjects.