Food for Thought 4 takes place

31 May 2017.  After several months of planning, our signature community event and fundraiser, Food for Thought took place, for the 4th year in a row.  Eleven discussion leaders engaged 41 guests and 11 volunteers on a wide range of topics:

  • Davin Lopez from MVEDA on the jobs outlook in southern New Mexico
  • Tom Schmugge, remote sensing expert, on New Mexico’s water future
  • Dave Dubois, state climatologist, on New Mexico’s climate outlook
  • Denten Park, CEO of Mountain View Hospital, on how the hospital works in the community
  • Jay Hill, farmer and businessman, on initiatives in New Mexico agriculture\
  • Peggy Swoveland, microbiologist, on the Japanese-American experience in the Mesilla Valley
  • Ken Miyagishima, mayor of Las Cruces, on the city government
  • Marie Siegrist, master painter and watercolorist, on a life in art
  • Lora and David Legare, archaeologists, on the archaeology of the American Southwest
  • Maria Flores, LCPS board of education, on education here and now
  • Sterling Durrett, speech pathologist, on the development of language in children

All the attendees shared a dinner with food and beverages donated by Pastaggio’s, La Posta de Mesilla, the Santa Fe Grill, Rosalie Poloner, Amanda Luna, and Aida Samaniego.  A silent auction of 49 items generated interest and bids.

We in the LCA thank our tireless volunteers who

  • sold tickets (many LCA families – the Bowmans, Gards, Houstons, Holguins, Camunezes, Ezehs, Poloner, Luna, Reinhold, Preiss, Durretts; forgive us if we omitted anyone),
  • planned and carried out the logistics, from printing tickets and posters to making centerpieces to placing posters and more (especially our Parent Committee – Carolyn Bowman, Charlotte Gard, Sterling Durrett, Jessica Houston, Audrey Ezeh, Frank Holguin, Lara Milane, Stephanie Tellez, Vince Gutschick, Lou Ellen Kay),
  • the Bulletin and the Sun-News for advertising,
  • many donors of silent auction items (10 families in the LCA- the Gards, Brashers, Bowmans, Durretts, Milane, Poloner, Ezeh, Kay-Gutschick, and Camunez), 8 local businesses (Tae Kwon Do- Marci Schoberg, the Massage Therapy Training Institute, Toucan Market, Downtown Desert Yoga, FirstLight Federal Credit Union, 1st Class Auto Detailing, Coas Bookstore, and anonymous Friends of the LCA)

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