End of term performances

December 17, 2016,  5 PM onward.  Near the end of every semester, we celebrate our students’ accomplishments with an evening of much song in three languages – English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  This time our younger students signed and sang Christmas songs in American Sign Language.  We also celebrated the completion of a 3-year project to make a computer-controlled user-friendly periodic table of the chemical elements.  Our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, and the president of our Parent Committee, Ken Haubner, summarized the semester, after which we all shared a great medley of dishes in our traditional potluck supper. Naturally, there was an international flair to the meal.

A short (3-minute) video with 6 of the songs is on YouTube, at https://youtu.be/10ctIL0bOiw

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