End-of-term performances May 2017

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13 May 2017.  Our students held the stage for an hour and a quarter tonight, singing, dancing, doing a short play, and showing a video they created and edited.  They sang in Spanish, Chinese, and English, in one song also signing in American Sign Language.  The video was to teach Spanish; the students wrote and performed short skits and edited them together.  The day before, students, teachers, parents, and board members moved furniture massively to change two classrooms back into a chair-packed gallery.

Parents, relatives, and friends packed the gallery and enjoyed the show.  Head of School Dr. Lou Ellen Kay opened the show, introducing the program, followed LCA Parent Committee member Dr. Lara Milane, who talked up the big Food for Thought event coming on the 31st.  After the show, everyone enjoyed another great potluck dinner that included pizza, vegetable dishes, pasta, desserts, beverages, and more, covering several national cuisines.  Parents, teachers, Lou Ellen, and Vince (board chair) then pitched in to clean up; everything’s ready for Monday’s classes again!

There’s a gallery of still images here, followed by a selection of short videos.  (Patience, please; our plug-in for videos needs an upgrade to get the audio to play.)

The Spanish teaching video, one segment

Early K & kindergarteners sing in Mandarin Chinese

Students in grades 3-8 sing in Mandarin Chinese

Young students sing Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land