Barnes & Noble book fair

A win-win for the Academy and for Barnes & Noble is in the offing, a book fair hosted for us at their Mesilla Valley Mall store.  It’s on Saturday, November 17th.  We’ll have students singing in a variety of the languages they’ve learned, face-painting, calligraphy, readings, Harry Potter crafts, B&N’s introduction of a new Harry Potter book, and a science demo.  We get funds as cash and gift cards, as a percentage of the purchase price when patrons buy books (or many other things) at the store and they use our voucher or mention us by name.  Hence, we’re eager to get the vouchers out to you, our website visitors, and to our LCA families and friends.  You can help us by telling friends in person or by email or social media that the event is coming, encouraging them to use vouchers themselves and to spread the word further. Please see our webpage, for more information and for printable/downloadable vouchers and posters.  Many thanks for your help and interest!