Food For Thought

Thanks for coming to the page to look at purchasing tickets for the Food for Thought event. Here is a link back to the one-page description of the event.  You can view biographies here for most - and soon, all - of the discussion leaders. We have several ways for you to get tickets:


  • You can buy tickets from any of our LC parents whom you might know. We had paper tickets printed by Friday, April 18th, and each LCA family received 4 tickets to sell (with the exception of 3 families - we ran a bit short; they'll get tickets very soon).


  • You can come to the school, to the front desk.  Almost always, when she's not teaching, our Head of School, Dr. Lou Ellen Kay, is at the desk.


  • You can call Vince Gutschick, our Chair of the Board, at 571-2269, area 575, to arrange to meet him at a place convenient for you.


  • You can go to the site that lets you buy an electronic ticket with this button:.  Payment can be made by PayPal or major credit cards.  To request to be seated at the table of a specific discussion leader, please call Vince Gutschick at 575 - 571 -2269.


You can We really appreciate your interest, and all of us look forward to a very rewarding event for the LCA and for the community.